UPCYBOM is a start-up that accompanies textile companies who wish to be an actor of change in the textile world and make it greener.

Thanks to its technology grouped in a single platform, Upcybom allows:

On factory side: to digitize their stocks, unsold goods, finished products, end of rolls, samples, accessories… and thus, create their own virtual warehouse.

On brand side: to have an easy and quick access to the entire dormant stocks of all partner factories worldwide.


The trend of upcycling is not new and is constantly growing. That’s why UPCYBOM has been created : to offer a powerful tool and a powerful communication in order to answer this growing demand while standing out from its competitors and being able to attract new investors. 

My mission was to create the entire digital support that would allow UPCYBOM to come to life


I designed the graphic universe of UPCYBOM with a minimalist look : fresh and modern colors that serve an efficient and understandable technology 

I took care of the entire visual of their website platform as well as the application for IOS and android and worked in close collaboration with “Skills Agency” based in India for the coding part.

In order to initiate this brand image and generate interest for future customers and investors, we had to rely on a strong communication and be visible on the most possible channels. I made it possible through the implementation of a complete graphic charter, pitch deck design, logo animation and videos.


Arrows symbolize movement and progress, representing the idea of continuous improvement and innovation. By incorporating those elements into an upcycling logo, the goal was to emphasize their commitment to sustainability and environment.

Another important factor to consider when designing an upcycling logo is its visual appeal. The logo has to be easily recognizable and visually attractive, so that it can effectively represent the brand and immediately speak to customers.

– LOGO –

– Fonts –

– Colors –


I wanted to create a solution oriented platform with a clear and easy-to-use interface for both buyers and sellers.
More than a simple website, it’s a powerful software that I have been able to create. First step was the creation of the prototype in Adobe XD which allowed skills agency in India to proceed to the development part.


Creating presentations was a key points and emphasize important information, making it more memorable for Upcybom audience. Additionally, presenting information in a well-designed and visually appealing way increased their engagement and interest among their audience.


Mobile applications are becoming increasingly important for businesses.
With the majority of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, having a mobile app was obvious for Upcybom. Furthermore, mobile apps offer unique functionality and features that can enhance the user experience.

Same as the platform I created the prototype in Adobe XD and share it with SKILLS to develop the APP.


The realization of the promotional video was entrusted to me. It had to be modern, impactful and tell a story, their story.