Small theater by the size, great theater by its longevity and its programming Bourvil is an institution! 

The little story is that Bourvil was very close to the former owners of the theater. Not having had the chance to know this place because, left too early, it is his widow who will give the authorization to baptize it “LE BOURVIL” she will write: “Bourvil, of his life, would have loved that a place like this one carries his name rather than a large room which does not have anything any more to prove”

In 2023 the theater will celebrate its 40th anniversary and will have a new skin! We wish him many more beautiful decades ahead!!!


With modernized programming, new talent, and new management, the visual identity has become obsolete, not reflecting the new perspective of the theater. 

The goal of this redesign is to make the entire visual identity very consistent and easily recognizable to stand out from its competitors.


I designed this new identity with accessibility and recognition in mind. 

A logo without frills, simple but effective with some subtle details adaptable to a multitude of media and readable for young and old.

I reviewed the general aspect in the smallest details, from the facade to the website through the complete signage of the theater.


Theater branding is an integral part of audience engagement and retention.

That’s why I created the new brand identity was created with the aim of highlighting the theater’s unique history and differentiating it from other theaters in the city.

The new visual identity was designed to appeal to a younger audience while also retaining the loyalty of existing patrons. The new brand was launched with a comprehensive media campaign that included social media, print and outdoor advertising, and targeted events.

The rebranding campaign was a success, resulting in increased ticket sales and positive feedback from both new and existing audiences. The rebranding of the theater in Paris demonstrates the importance of a strong brand identity and effective marketing strategies in the arts and entertainment industry.

– LOGO –

– Fonts –

– Colors –


Creating the Bourvil website was a daunting task, but it is absolutely crucial in today’s digital age. The website shall be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and provide all the necessary information about the theater’s productions, schedule, and ticket sales.

The first step was to identify the target audience and tailor the website to their needs. The included features was online ticket purchases, a calendar of upcoming shows, and a tour of the theater and as well all the general information. Ensuring that the website is optimized for search engines is also important for driving traffic and increasing visibility.

It was also essential to maintain the website with updated content and information, keeping it engaging and relevant for visitors. Reviews and social media posts was also added to add a personal touch and help to build a loyal community around the theater.

Overall, a well-designed and maintained website was a powerful tool to promote and attract a new audience.



Having only visuals on plan or photos, creating dynamic content was crucial to develop their new contract and show their know-how.

That’s why I shot the footage with a drone and a stabilized camera and created a series of videos.